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We strive to create a safe environment for your home or business with the very latest in security technology. Let A&E become your Director of Security, and your Loss Prevention Manager. You'll see why more people are choosing A&E Security and Electronic Solutions


A&E Lock and Key was founded in 1968 by Ronald Elsberry, a McMinnville drafting and engineering teacher. The business originally operated out of a building located on the Elsberry property.

As the company expanded during the early years, the business began taking over the property and was eventually moved to a commercial facility in McMinnville, Oregon.

In 1974 the company name was changed to A&E Safe and Alarm as the company expanded further into the security business.


As the company grew, Ronald Elsberry enlisted the help of his son, Michael to assist with building a new infrastructure to support the growth of the company. Michael Elsberry gave up his executive position with a Fortune 500 company and left Virginia to return to the family company in 1994.

By 1996 with Michael's experience in the corporate arena and management direction the company began growing quickly, experiencing a 30% growth increase per year. It rapidly became clear the operation had outgrown its facilities and the property on Highway 99W in McMinnville, Oregon was purchased.

In 1997 the name A&E Security and Electronic Solutions was added to better reflect the advances in the technology field. Under Michael's management, the company continued growing and expanding into different markets and related fields.

Just four years after the passing of founder, Ronald Elsberry the property on Highway 99W underwent an enormous transformation with an extensive two-story addition and remodel.

Today, what was started as a simple home-based business serves some of the most prestigious clients within the State of Oregon, with offices in McMinnville, Bend, and Astoria.

Key Cutting And Duplication
Our full service lockshop machines are calibrated to guarantee the most accurate duplication.

Total Home Control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used

Smart Life Safety Protection
Our full service lockshop machines are calibrated to guarantee the most accurate duplication.

Bluetooth Lock Boxes
Ease of use and greater control with the ability to share access; with keyless convenience.

835 OR-99W, McMinnville, OR 97128 United States


835 NE Hwy 99W
PO Pox 179
McMinnville, OR 97128


TOLL-FREE: 877-472-6439 LOCAL: 503-472-6439

FAX: 503-472-3570

OPEN M-F 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM



A & E Security and Electronic Solutions

835 NE Hwy 99W

McMinnville, OR 97128

Mailing Address:

PO Box 179

McMinnville, OR 97128

Main Line: (503) 472-6439

Sales: (503) 883-4139

Toll-Free: (877) 472-6439

Fax: (503) 472-3570


A & E Security and Electronic Solutions

3095 Highway 101 N. #A-10

Gearhart, OR 97138​

General Line: (503) 738-3693

Direct Line: (503) 883-7038


A & E Security and Electronic Solutions

908 NW Bond St., Suite 210

Bend, OR 97701

General Line: (503) 883-7033


I wish I had taken a friends advice and not gone with this company. I only did because the house I bought already had the set up thinking that would save me money. It ended up not saving me anything but costing me way more than I thought. I have read a lot of the negative reviews and I am realizing how true they all are. Take my advice and go with a different company. There are way better and cheaper companies than A&E. Don't get sucked in because you will be stuck and pay way more than you should. I regret it all the time and I dread having to talk to them for anything.

Think twice about choosing A&E for your fire and security monitoring company. When their equipment fails in the middle of the night they may contact you or may not. They might offer to disable a failing smoke detector however they are not disabling it on your end only ignoring it on their end so that it's not an inconvenience to them, in the meantime you get to listen to the alarm for hours until you can finally reach someone at the "after hours emergency number" - so sorry to wake you Doug, I thought this was what this number was for, to help your customers. After several moments of Doug telling you that "central dispatch" gave me incorrect information and hanging up on me (that's right!), he proceeds to tell me that I am unprofessional... My alarm started sounding at 3 AM and is continuing several hours later with no help from A&E.

TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE ELDERLY! A & E Security sold my 80yr old friends a $1500 security camera system that does not work! It never has since it was installed. When they called them multiple times to get things straightened out, there was much run around and unwillingness to get it resolved without additional payment or an offer to refund their money. Before it was installed, I questioned why this expensive system was better than Ring or Blink and the salesman's response was "because these are better cameras". Well that doesn't do much good if there isn't even an internet connection to that building (which they knew about) Now these 80yr olds have all this expensove security equipment, but no ability to view it. I feel strongly they took advantage of them and they refuse to make things right.

We had a bunch of door locks in our home swapped out for something newer and better. Chad did a terrific job -- our 1906 house with its old doors was no match for his problem-solving skills -- and he explained everything and presented options very clearly and thoroughly, no pressure, no selling, just the facts. Everyone at the shop was equally helpful and knowledgeable, and you get a followup email that details everything that was done and discussed. Great company.

They were a good enough company for my parents house in past years. They don't appear to have a strong work force on the coast though, so getting service was a bear. My parents eventually switched companies for the sake of ease.

Mike is a great guy to work with and very passionate about security/automation and making sure we had a great experience with our new ELAN system. We had some unique requests for Alexa and he was able to handle them all. I look forward to work with Mike again.

They can trap you by filling out facts and other contracts. When you contract with them you have to look carefully and it will not help at all if you have a problem later.

I contracted you for two years in September 2016 and proceeded faithfully. You asked me a lot of money at the end of the contract, showing me the contract on August 1st.

Amber and Doug have been great to work with from the beginning. They installed our security system when we first started our business and have been great with their follow up whenever there were issues.

I have been working/using A&E for several years for both personal Security Systems as well projects for my employer. I like the fact that I can call the owner directly with questions and he has always been responsive and helpful as well as his other employees. I would encourage anybody with Security needs to give them a call - you won’t be disappointed.

Pretty much whatever key you need copied. Fast and friendly service

Typically have a solution for whatever I am trying to do. Owner is extremely knowledgable and helpful

The best place in the county. Anyone that knows of them agrees. The prices are not much more than Lowes and the work is perfect everytime. Do not even consider having a key made anywhere else. I have tried Lowes, Trask Mtn, Wilco and others with varied results. A & E akways perfect.

System solutions are their forte as well for property and computer systems.
The people I care about trust A &E.

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